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"It's more than just about having a six pack..."


Brad Rossiter

Certified PT, Level 3

Having lived the corporate life for over 20 years, I have first-hand experience of the day-to-day challenges faced by my clients. 


Combining my own experiences and over three decades of gym training expertise, I created FitSELF as a holistic solution for busy professionals to become their ‘best self’ - physically, mentally and emotionally.


At the age of 50, I've completely transformed my own physique, which just goes to show that you’re never too old to start enjoying a healthier lifestyle. FitSELF is based on a foundation of fitness, exercise, nutrition and a positive mindset.


My aim is to help my clients become fitter and healthier, more energised, productive and confident, and be the best version of themselves.

May, 2019
36.5" waist
32% body fat



At the age of 49, I saw a photo of myself on a recent summer holiday... it wasn't a pretty sight. I was unhappy, overweight, carrying too much body fat, living a boozy lifestyle, stressed at work, unproductive, tired, poor sleep, skipping meals and dreading the upcoming half century.... 

Enough was enough. I'd been in and out of gyms from the age of 17, played rugby, snow skied, SCUBA dived and even competed in a couple of bi & triathlons. I knew better... 

So I embarked upon a journey to get in to the best shape of my life in time for the the upcoming 50th birthday... and I did just that. 

Whilst working a busy senior corporate role, 12-14 hour days, fortnightly business travel, a wedding, a 50th birthday celebration and numerous other social events, I managed to shed some 18kgs in the space of 16 weeks and stood topless in front of a camera on the day of my 50th birthday...! 

I call it my 'Mt Everest'...and on getting this far, I know I've only just reached Base Camp.

Next stop: Stage Competition

I'm not suggesting that all my clients go to this extreme - but what I am saying, is that anything is possible with the right support, plan, mindset and commitment.

I know what it takes

I've walked the walk

If I can do it - anybody can - and I'm here to help.

31st August, 2019
30.2" waist
9% body fat

how can I help you?

Unlike most Personal Trainers, I have the unique position of having walked in the shoes of my clients.


  • I understand the pressures of the corporate world .

  • I know the challenges of work life balance. 


My job is to break it all down for you, to create you a truly custom plan which focuses on you, your goals, lifestyle, available time and ability.

I focus on and understand you as an individual to instantly optimise your training and effectively balance your energy to maximise your results.


Get amazing results through motivation, education, support and accountability

how does it work?

  • Training and nutrition plans are held in the FitSELF Training App

  • Every exercise has an accompanying instructional video

  • As you complete a work out, you track weights, reps & Sets and log into the app

  • Meals are logged daily

  • Instant messaging with 24/7 access to Brad

  • Schedules, programs, workouts, chat - with you where ever you are, when ever you need it... 

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