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While focusing on a healthy lifestyle by exercising and eating right is great for your body, balanced living means protecting your mental and emotional health, too. And stress reduction needs to be at the top of your to-do list.


Living a balanced lifestyle is as much about boundary management as it is time management. It may mean putting boundaries on our obligations and ensuring that we are not committing to more than we are able to manage. It's also important to be careful about what and who we allow into our lives and what we allow to make us feel stressed and overwhelmed; what we consume mentally as well as physically; where we are environmentally and who we spend time with.


"Work to live" not "Live to Work"? Even as an entrepreneur I know that's easier said than done. Work hard to succeed right? Not necessarily, burnout can destroy the toughest of us all. Learning to work smarter, not harder, will allow for more growth - even in your career. 


Whether you're a father, son, husband, mother, wife, uncle or aunt, showing up for your family to support, provide and care for them can only be done to the highest level if you take care of yourself first. Focusing on your own wellbeing will enable you to be the person you need to be when your family needs you most. 


Life shouldn't all be about hard work and no play. Taking time out to celebrate, relax and spend time with friends and family away from the rigours of the day-to-day grind is paramount to a balanced mindset. FitSELF ensures that your plan gives you 'play' time, as much as hard work!


Busy professional lives will invariably involve an amount travel - not to mention the annual family vacation. I work with my clients to prepare for any travel circumstances - from researching gyms, to providing in-room workouts and suggested meal options. Travel should never be an excuse to slow down your goals.  

dining out

Conferences, business meals, celebrations, travel - it's not always possible to stick 100% to our meal plans - and 'meal prep' isn't always the answer. FitSELF works with clients to prepare and plan for these eventualities to ensure their long term goals are still achieved. 

exercise away from home

Being away from home may impact your routine, but with the help of FitSELF, we'll work to ensure your travel doesn't impact your training regime. From full bodyweight routines to helping with gym research ahead of a trip, FitSELF is with you for your whole journey.


Sometimes it takes a fresh pair of eyes to help develop an effective daily schedule that sustainable and fits seamlessly into your life. Ensuring you have time for exercise, meals, mindfulness and 'you-time', FitSELF will work with you to help build out a daily schedule that you'll look forward to getting up every morning ahead of. 


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