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Why cardio is a waste of time for busy professionals... like YOU!

Hey you - yes, YOU: I know what you're thinking...

How can I possibly get back in shape and regain my confidence WITHOUT doing any cardio?

Isn't cardio the BEST way to lose fat?

If you're like most busy professionals ...

You've probably convinced yourself that you'll never be able to get the body you really want because you don't have time to make it happen. Part of which, stems from your belief that in order to actually get results you'll HAVE to spend hours upon hours doing cardio.

Let me preface this by saying that I am 110% on board with anything that gets people active…


The truth is, you can absolutely lose the weight, get the body that you want and regain your confidence without doing hours of cardio - or any cardio at all for that matter

Even as a coach, I am the LAST person you'll catch on the treadmill or an elliptical...

In fact, I have done minimal forms of traditional cardio in over 9 months and neither have my clients.

Here’s why…

1. It doesn’t burn nearly as many calories as we think it does

The main reason people do cardio to lose weight is because they think that it is highly effective at targeting fat simply because you burn calories from fat as a primary fuel source while doing it.

Well, first off - you’re always burning fat for fuel. 

The real question is, how much cardio do you actually need to make an impact?

Well on average, to burn 500 calories per day in order to lose 2kg per week (3500 calories burned) you would need to run 5 miles every single day…

Does that seem reasonable for someone as busy as you are? 

It isn't for me..and it certainly isn't for any of the clients that I've coached or seen over the years.

This precisely why I believe doing cardio to "lose fat" on a busy schedule is a complete waste of your precious time.

But let's move on...

2. It won’t help you build lean muscle or definition

Yes, you can lose weight by doing cardio. Cool.

But on top of literally having to do endless hours of cardio to lose just 2 measly kgs per week…

Doing cardio outside, on the treadmill or with any other expensive piece of equipment, won't help you develop the lean, toned and defined look that you're really looking for

If you truly want to look your best without wasting hours at the gym, you need to train your muscles accordingly with structured weight training workouts.

3. It isn’t the most effective way to spend your time if you want great results

When you take a look at what you realistically have time for and what everyone else is saying you “need to do” to get in shape...

It can seem impossible to reach your goals at times 

Which means you need to be HIGHLY effective with everything that you are doing throughout the course of your day...

Especially with the time you set aside for your health.

And as much as I hate to say it…

Cardio is not the answer to your weight loss/health problems.

Lifting weights and following a proper diet is!

By simply substituting your cardio routine with a proper resistance training (weight training) program...

You will burn MORE fat in LESS than half the time while also building up new lean, toned muscle with the right diet in place.

The bottom line here is:

Whether it's in business, health or any area of life...

Don't waste time doing what everyone else is doing.

Find what work best for YOU and gets you the most return on investment for your time!

Then, do more of what works and less of what doesn't.

You'll be on your way to look and feeling your best in no time...

Decide. Commit. Succeed.

Get in touch if you want more information or help in getting started towards making 2020 YOUR year to get in the best shape of your life.

FitSELF - helping busy professionals (like YOU) be their BEST self

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